About USHA

2017 U.S. Wake Sports Festival

The United States Hydrofoil Association (USHA) is the sport’s governing body for hydrofoil skiers and events.  USHA is currently a sport division of USA Water Ski, the governing body for organized water skiing within the United States. For more information about USHA please visit the web site at  hydrofoilworld.com or  www.hydrofoil.org

USA Water Ski sanctions water ski tournaments across the country for competitors of all ages and abilities in each of its sport divisions.  USA Water Ski provides guidelines and support for tournament hosts, officials and boat drivers; protects your right to access the nation’s waterways; and provides secondary personal injury insurance coverage to members! USA Water Ski also publishes 9 issues of The Water Skier per year. For a complete profile of USA Water Ski, check out the web site at http://www.usawaterski.org.